What is mystery shopping? 

A type of market research, it is a standard and common business practice where service evaluations are made without the store’s personnel being aware that they are being “shopped”. Mystery shopping provides information about client-established customer service standards. This information then allows companies to adjust training and award bonuses that help turn their service vision into reality. Good customer service benefits us all.

What does a mystery shopper do? 

Anonymous “shoppers” pose as ordinary customers and evaluate the business based on service, cleanliness, food quality and other factors that the client may require. As a part-time Independent Contractor (not an employee), you would receive complete guidelines for each shop that you choose to accept. Average shop time is between 1 and 2 hours.

What kind of “shops” might I do? 

We shop a variety of retail shops including gasoline stations, fast food establishments, sit-down restaurants, drug stores, computer stores, warehouse clubs, wireless telephone providers, bookstores, etc.

What do I get paid? 

For many shops you will be paid a fee to compensate you for completing our service questionnaire and for other shops you make a reimbursable purchase of a meal. Shoppers are paid once a month either by check, paypal or direct deposit, for all approved shops completed in the prior calendar month. 

What are the requirements for being a mystery shopper? 

  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of a high school education. 
  • You need excellent observational skills and must be very detail oriented. 
  • Most shops require a digital watch that displays seconds or a stopwatch for timing the store’s service. 
  • Access to a computer is required and high-speed access is highly recommended. 
  • A digital camera is necessary for higher paying audit-type assignments.

What is the process for receiving shops? 

Once your submission is approved, you will receive a password and the address of any Shopper Website where you decide and choose the shops you are interested in completing. When a shop is accepted, you then choose from a range of dates when to perform your shop. Accepting a shop means you are committed to completing the shop during the time frame that you choose. You are responsible for printing, from their website, the CPI, guidelines and a specific questionnaire for each shop. A thorough review of the guidelines is required prior to performing and completing the shop. After each shop, you simply report the results on-line, in most cases, and forward us your shop documentation (receipt or business card) and your Contractor Payment Invoice (CPI) for payment.